So many of you have been curious about my process. I was a bit hesitant to post images of work in progress for fear my process and end goal would not come across. But I'm going to take the chance that you can catch a glimpse of my vision in progress.

Ultimately I will use these in-process shots (not half bad for an iPhone) to create a video of how I create my artwork.

My process is a long one. Over the next few months you will get an insider's look (that only a select few are privy)  into my process and the evolution of my art. I hope you aren't bored through it.

Ladies in Wading  was captured on the little dirt road near  Bartholomew's Cobble in Sheffield, Mass and is part of the on-going series Bucolic Daze.

 I took the shot many many years ago., I didn't notice the dead tree on the left side. I don't crop my images and chalked this up to a bad capture and set this image aside.  But these Ladies haunted me over the years and I finally decided this need to be completed. Oh, but that distracting dead tree needed to go away and that sky has no clouds - how boring.

Yes boys & girls, I hid the unacceptable tree element with paint and added a cloud element. I do that with paint not PhotoShop.

I use a mix of opaque Flake White and Zinc White paint with my blues in all my skies. At the horizon I used Cerulean Blue / white mixture and drift into Cobalt Blue / white mixture at the zenith.

Multiple thin layers of opaque paint create a creamy pastel softness in the sky. Layers must remain very thin because thick layers will buckle the photographic paper.

The sky took approximately 10 hours over 20 days.

Next Month: Trees

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Artwork In Progress ~ Ladies in Wading