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These are my opinions and not necessarily the opinions of Marshalls Oil.

Q: What kind of paper should I use?
A: Matte finish has the best surface to work on. I like Ilford Gallerie, fiber paper or Kodak N, RC paper. I am currently testing inkjet papers - so stay tuned for updates!

Q: The colors are sliding off the surface and won't blend.
A: Sounds like you are using Glossy paper and the surface is too difficult to work with. But if you must work with glossy paper try using the Marshalls pre-spray to treat the surface to give it more tooth.

Q: The colors are sliding off the surface and wont blend on Matte paper!
A: Do not use hardener in the fixer. If you process your own, try using a liquid fixer like Edwal. It comes in two parts so save the hardener for your film. If you have a lab make your print, request they do not use hardener. Many quickie shops will not be able to do this, you may have to go to a pro lab.

Q: The colors are dragging on the surface and won't blend nicely.
A: Try the Marshalls pre-spray or the PM Solution as a pre-treatment .

Q: How long does the finished print take to dry?
A: Normal conditions, about One week.

Q: Do I have to varnish it?
A: No. Only if you want a Glossy finish.

Q: What is the difference between the Marlene and the PM Solution?
A: PM Solution is intended as a pre-treatment of the surface, this also works as a cleaner. Marlene is used for removing unwanted paint.

Q: Do I have to pre-treat the print before painting?
A: No, if you use fiber paper. RC needs pre-treatment.

Q: How can I clean up paint I unwanted areas?
A: You have a few options. I like using a kneaded eraser or a stick eraser for small areas. For larger areas use a cotton ball and a small amount of either PM Solution or Marlene.

Q: How can I color the very small details?
A: The Marshalls pencils are great for small details. Use a very light touch and gently blend.

Q: I want bolder colors!
A: Try using the Marshalls Extra-Strong colors

Q: I want very pale colors!
A: Try mixing Extender into the paint. Use a pallet knife to mix the paint.

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